2010: Art workshop on the Alphabets of the world at the NGB Historical Archive, Athens,Greece.


2010-2017: Regular seminar-workshops on the Mediterranean Scripts (Byzantine-Arabic Coptic-Latin) at the Benakis Museum in Athens.


2012: Art workshop on the Mediterranean Alphabets, at the NGB Historical Archive, Athens,Greece.


2012-13: Regular seminars-workshops on the Byzantine Scripts from 4th to 14th century at the School of Fine Arts of Athens.


2013: Columbia University-Program in Hellenic Studies, Alphabets and Magic, an art-workshop inspired from Cavafy’s “epitymvia”-archaic alphabets.


2014: Initiative workshop on Arabic calligraphy at the Bergen Resource Centre, CMI, in Bergen, Norway.


2015: Arabic Calligraphy Workshop From the letter to the word, at the faculty of Philosophy, Kapodistrian University, Athens.


2016-2019: Regular seminar-workshops on Arabic Calligraphy, Al Khatt I and Al Khatt II at the Egyptian Cultural Center of Athens.


2016-2017: Participation in the seminar-project The body of the word, organised by Labirinto:

Culture e Civiltà Mediterranee at Alex Mylona Museum, Athens.


2016: Seminar-art-workshops on the Alphabets archaïques, écritures magiques, Librairie Millefeuilles, Altkirch, France.


2017-2018: Seminar-workshop From the art of Writing to the writing of Art, the history of writing through the exhibits of the Benakis Museum.


2017-2019: Regular seminar-workshops on Latin Calligraphy at the Ornerakis Applyied Arts School, Athens.


2018: Initiation to the Arabic calligraphy, Greek Center for Studies of North-Eastern Europe.

          Art-workshop The natural tool, the traces and the script, TAF-The Art Foundation, Athens

          Seminar-workshop La Cancellaresca, Calligraphy and Typography, European University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus.


2019: Art workshop Handmade natural tools for Calligraphy, for Graphic Stories Cyprus at Aigea School of Fine Arts, Nicosia, Cyprus.

          Weaving workshop, Threads of patience at the Multifunctional Centre for Refugees of the Red Cross for the project Fabric of my Life, Athens, Greece

            Seminar-art workshop Threads of patience, on dyeing with plants and weaving at the Benaki Museum-NH.M.A


2020: “Let’s play an image!” Creating Graphic Scores through Conscious Writing and Hand made Tools, Berklee College of Music Delegación de la Fundación en España, Valencia, Spain


Since 2021 at Michelangelo Foundation - Homo Faber